Our story - or how we met each other !




On this page you can read about how we met each other, and how we have lived our common life until today. It contents :

A Seminar in Strasbourg.

Finally together.

A distance of 3000 km.

Wedding plans.

A Seminar in Strasbourg.

All began in a Seminar which took place in Strasbourg organized by WOSM (World Organization of Scout Movement). The theme of the Seminar was "Professional Integration in Youth Organizations" We are now back to 1995. Gema participated as a representative of Scouts de España; Jegvan of KFUM-Spejderne i Danmark. There were participants from about 19 European Scouts organizations. The Seminar last 5 days, with different sessions about the responsibilities we had as youth associations, helping young people with different problems (unemployment, drugs, crime etc.) The last night, to be precise, on Februar 17, we held a goodbye party. After dinner every country had to prepare a small performance. It was very cosy in every small group, and Gema and Jegvan were in one of them. It was getting dark, and as long as time was passing we both knew that we felt something for eachother. After two hours sleeping, it was time to say goodbye and we promised to keep in contact.

 A distance of 3000 km.

Gema went back to her job in an Italian company called Pirelli Cavi, Jegvan back to his pedagogic studies in Hjørring Seminarium. Jegvan went to Madrid later in the same year, fortunately, with the help of Gema, he found a practice job as a pedagogue in a British school (The English Montessori School in Aravaca). Those 8 months made us believe that we both had a future together. That was the beginning of 2 years, with the distance of almost 3000 Km between us, usually in North Jutland and Madrid in our holiday or long weekends. Despite the long distance between us, the longest period that we did not see eachother was 3 months, and that is a long time, when you would like to be together all the time. At least when we missed eachother we had the telephone, and that was normal in those two years. In 1997, when we were together, we lived outside Madrid in a town called Alcalá de Henares, where the parents of Gema had an apartment.

Finally together.

In February 1998 Jegvan finished his pedagogue studies, we had always thought that he could not move direct to Madrid, since he had some scout duties he had to finish. So our forecast was June or July. However we were wrong, at the beginning of March Jegvan had an unexpected answer from an application to the Scandinavian School that he sent before Christmas, they wanted to have a meeting in Madrid to talk about a job as a Preschool teacher.

Since we had already planned to see each other in March, the interview took place on March 17. What started as 1 week holiday together, with a flight ticket back to Denmark on March 22, turned into the beginning of a new life for both; Jegvan started his new job on March 23, and we move to live together. It was not practical to live in Alcalá de Henares, since we did not have the same timetables, and the way to the school was 1 hour and a half with public transport. On that time we both worked in a town north of Madrid called Alcobendas, so we decided to find an apartment there. It was 17 minutes away to the school on a bike, and 5 minutes away from the office (Gema had a car). The distance to Madrid was only 15 Km. and even thought it sounds near, in rush hours it could be 1 hour. In Easter 98, we drove to Danmark in an old Ford Transit and took all the personal belongings and furniture from Jegvan. We were living in Alcobendas for 12 months and some days. At the beginning of 99 we started to look for an apartment to buy. We saw some in Alcobendas, we nearly bought one of them. Gema´s parents sold the apartment in Alcalá, and they wanted to buy one near the place they live. We talked about renting this apartment, but finally we bought it. In 2002 we changed the place to live once again, to a bigger apartment, but in the same neighbourhood.

So now we live in the suburbs of Madrid, in Canillas, near the metro, near M-40 (a motorway that goes around Madrid).

We are very glad and happy to have our own apartment and to live where we do, in Madrid, but with no stress and traffic like in the citycenter.

Oh, we forgot to tell about an important news  in our life, we got married in July, the 27 th. 2000.  

The ceremony of the wedding was held in a small town 40 km north of Madrid called San Agustin de Guadalix, at 19.00, while the party was held at the Scandinavian School.

Now we are looking to the future, nobody knows what it will bring, we have our own thoughts and whishes for the future. You will see, when time comes.

























































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